Art exhibition 

Welcome to my art exhibition around the world! Contact me for more info about the date and place. 2020 I will exhibit in NYC, London, and Paris as well as at Almhga Art Gallery. 


During 2017/18  art exhibitions.

-April 2017 Palma de Mallorca

-Aug 2017 Milna Croatia

-Dec 2017 Miami FL

-Jan-Feb 2018 Miami FL. Zenith Art Gallery

-March 2018 Åstorp, Sweden

-Mach 2018 Skurup, Sweden

-April 2018 New York. Pier 94 Art expo NYC

-Ongoing at Saphira & Venture Gallery in New York

-Ongoing at Art Production in New York

-Member of ICAS International Contemporary Art Society in New York

Exhibitions 2019

-Jan  Saphira & Venture Gallery in New York

-Feb Art Produktion New York

-April Art Expo NYC

-July Prel Milna

-Nov London

During 2015/16 I have had art exhibitions around the world.

-March 2015 Private show on a yacht

-April 2015 Eastern show Sweden

-Aug 2015 Southampton UK

-Dec 15 Laguna Beach USA

-Jan 16 Newport Beach USA 

-May 2016 UTÖ Sweden

-Sep 2016 Stockholm Sweden